Thursday, March 1, 2007

My son, Michael, and his grandfather....

When you have children, you hope that they will become kind, generous and caring adults. I have been very lucky in my life with many things. But I am luckiest with my children.

Michael is most like me, I think. He had a special soft-spot for his grandfather. From the time he was born, being with Doc was one of Michael's favorite things.

As Michael grew up, and out-grew Doc's pet names for him, like "Michael, Michael Motorcycle", he still enjoyed their relationship. It changed over the years, as Michael needed less from Doc in the way of material things, and more in the way of discovering his family and history, and learning how to be a man. And Doc changed from holding Michael's hand to having his held by Michael - the same broad and strong hands they both shared.

In recent years Doc leaned on Michael even more. And Michael encouraged that. Grateful for all his grandparents had given him, he gave back willingly.

And, in our last conversation a couple weeks ago, Doc asked me to make sure that Michael knew how much he was loved and appreciated. He said that although he had no property to leave him, he wanted to leave him with the knowledge that he was the best grandson on the face of the earth. And he and Mom loved Michael dearly. He said that in his later years, things would sometimes get lonely. A call from Michael would always lift that loneliness. Doc enjoyed hearing of Michael's successes, and his life. He bragged about him to everyone. He loved him deeply, without limitation and with his last breath.

He wanted me to tell Michael this.

I have.

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